Press your Flight Attendant call button….

We are whittling down the stack of the first edition of Sit the Fuck Down.

We are working on book two in the trilogy and we want to push as many Twitter 5

copies of book one out the door.  Sit the Fuck Down has been called a “must Read” for the traveler but also a vulgar and funny commentary.

It is funny, it is vulgar and a terrific read if we do say so ourselves.

You can find a copy of it on through this link.

Push your flight attendant call button for a discount……

Twitter 3The sequel to Sit the Fuck Down is gearing up.  But we need to sell out the first run of Book 1.

To help us get there, we are offering a $2.00 discount off the $9.95 price of the book to anyone who can show they work as a flight attendant for the airlines.  Sit the Fuck Down is a tribute to airline personnel who deal with all of the travelers in this book.

It is a disgustingly vulgar book but also funny and spot on for the depiction of travelers today.

Find the reviews of the book on and pick up your copy from through this link. Tell us for what airline you work and we will slide $2 into the book.  Pay it forward is all we ask.

Cyber Monday deal for flight attendants

Twitter 1Yes, that’s right. We are running a flight attendant deal this week on our book Sit the Fuck Down.

The book is available on via this link.

If you are a flight attendant, we will place $2.00 in the book as a rebate and only ask that you pay that forward to someone who is in need.

If you have a twitter handle with reference to your position let us know and we will follow you. This book is not a screed against flight attendants, rather with passengers.

Take advantage as we push this first book in a trilogy of flight rants.

The holiday season is not far away

Push the flight attendant call button above your seat. Not the one for the light, it will wake your seat mate.Twitter 8

Push the call button and ask your flight personnel to get you an order form or stop being lazy and go to and search for the title or use this link.

Do you really want to miss out on giving this as a gift again this season?  We will offer discounts on orders of multiple copies just to incentivize your effort.

It’s the least you can do for your family members who will travel to your home for cold ham or lukewarm turkey and clotted gravy.