Push your flight attendant call button after 2 days……..

Interesting piece in the @NYTIMES on travel.

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Snipped from the article……..

On the sixth day of my weeklong odyssey across America by air, I found myself wedged into a middle seat in the far reaches of a flight from Des Moines to Phoenix, wearing the sweatpants I had slept in. Angry at the in-flight movie system and feeling hungry, I turned to my carry-on lunch: a container of yogurt.

Sit the Fuck Down was borne of this sort of drudgery through airports and waiting to board yet one more stinky metal tube.

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Push your flight attendant call button for a delay…….

In our appearance with the good brewers @BOESEBROTHERS in downtown Albuquerque.Twitter 4

We will be rescheduling the book signing for Sit the Fuck Down on a coming Sunday.

The touring comics this evening have their set ups and we are looking to get in the their way.

So, we will be participating in an upcoming open mic Sunday night

Stay tuned for more details here and on our Twitter account @SitTheFckDwn


Push your flight attendant call button for our book signing……

We are getting out into the public this coming week.  Taking the book on the road to @BoeseBrothers brewery in downtown Albuquerque.

On June 7th, Twitter 2we will be signing and selling Sit the Fuck Down at a Comedy Showcase event courtesy of the good brewers at Boese Brothers. The brewery is located at 601 Gold Ave SW in ABQ. And the Showcase will begin about 7PM

Their web site is http://www.boesebrothers.com/  and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/boesebrothers/

Events are 21 and over.

And if you are lucky enough to still have it available next week, try to Cherry Bomb.

Hope to see you there as we try to sell out our fist in the trilogy on air travel.

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Push your flight attendant call button for a hard copy of…………

Sit the Fuck Down. Yes, we are a hard copy publication and developing an e-version.  But we learned this morning that physical copies of books are selling well these days. A report on @BBC suggested a rise in sales of physical books and slight dip in e-versions.  Twitter 2

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The other issue today is the removal of a passenger from A Delta flight this week for having used the restroom facility.  Seems the flight was on the tarmac for 90 minutes or so and the passenger was in distress.

Our book is about getting on the plane not what happens w=once you are trapped in a seat on a flightless mode of transportation.  By all means get up and take care of yourself.  Within reason of course.

Maybe don’t push that flight attendant call button after all…………

We have advocated for travels to please just SIT THE FUCK DOWN but now it seems everyone is at each others throats in a vain attempt to get one up or ensure rules and contracts are followed.Twitter 1

It seems United Airlines ended up with a dead bunny on a recent flight and American Airlines nearly duked it out with a passenger after going all WWE on a mother’s head with a stroller.

We don’t advocate violence at any level.  We just want passengers to SIT THE FUCK DOWN and maybe, just maybe, consider those around them including their fellow travelers and the flight crew who are overworked and barraged with petty requests for more peanuts or fewer peanuts because of allergies.

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Push your flight attendant call button……

But we guess you need to duck and cover these days if you do push that button.

We at Sit the Fuck Down have been developing this trilogy as a way to get travelers to recognize their surroundings and just keep it respectful.Twitter 3

We did not realize we were going to be writing a piece on airline staff going off the deep end.

So, a passenger was hit with a stroller?

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